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And you know what that means.

I post my obligatory post about how I’m going to attempt to post more this year.  And you know how that usually plays out.  So…if you’ve been with me long enough to know what usually transpires over the year after I’ve resolved to post more, then take heart.  I am not going to resolve to post more in 2014.  Hooray!

The “problem” has always been that I haven’t been able to figure out why anyone would have any interest in what I have to say about what I do.  Maybe that’s not important.  Maybe I should just share my thoughts and let you decide whether or not you want to read about them.  So, here it goes…

A new year is here.  I’m starting it with a cup of hot coffee and tired eyes.  I think there were more fireworks going off last night until 2 am than there were on Independence Day.  Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that we had a fire ban in the state in July.  You think?

My daily process norm begins with coffee and the computer.  I catch up on emails that have come in overnight, process orders that have come in, and after dealing with the business of being OSS, I spend some time researching images of foods I might like to re-create in miniature.  I try not to do this research when I am hungry.  There are so many food images out there.  It’s mind boggling.  I have to sort through hundreds of shots of any one type of food in order to find a good number with enough detail in the photos.  I need to see texture.  I need to see color.  I need to see enough to almost taste and smell the food!  And that is why I don’t do this research when I am hungry.  LOL

This morning’s research has included fresh green beans, meatloaf (I’m leaning toward the bacon wrapped version.), and fruit tarts.  I have several miniature items that need to be photographed today, so I’m hoping for a sunny day in this deep freeze we call home.  Come on, blue sky!