1/4 Scale Repaints

These 1/4 scale repaints represent a small cross-section of OSS’s work with the larger scale dolls.  These dolls/figures are SOLD and reside in private collections across the globe.  Thank you.


3 thoughts on “1/4 Scale Repaints”

  1. Just getting ready to start my first repaint of a male doll. Reading your “Aging Vinyl” post what do you use for the flocking to simulate the hair and beard? Thanks.

    • Greetings from OSS! Actually, the beard is not flocking but layers of paint painstakingly applied with a small, splayed OLD brush. lol The hair is flocking applied over a painted scalp. Flocking can be purchased (I think it’s still available) from Restoredoll.com . Good luck! Have fun!

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