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Sun is ready to travel back home to be reunited with her body.  LOL  She received multiple coats of sealer.  Action figures usually get handled a lot more than do fashion dolls, so I like to seal everything up well.  After the sealer had sufficient time to cure, I permanently applied the wig supplied by my client.  A tip…if the wig’s elastic is causing the wig to pop off the smooth head, you can carefully snip the elastic in a few places to relax the fit.  As this wig was going to be glued in place, the elastic band was unnecessary.  One thing I do wish the sculptors would do is to sculpt heads that are made to take wigs with a little less height to the head.  Once you add the wig, there is almost too much forehead etc.  When the wig has bangs, the issue isn’t so noticeable, but still…Image