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Again time has slipped away from me.  Son here from college for Spring Break, funeral on Monday, family over for corned beef and cabbage on Wednesday, and this morning….awakened by a phone call telling us that yet another family friend is ill and had been taken to the hospital by ambulance!  I mean it…just WHAT is going on????  I need a case of Calgon.  Seriously.

Good news…a new sculpting material arrived the other day.  Some tiny sanding files also arrived.  So, I spent some time the other day doing some more fill on Antoinette/Devon Aoki’s eye sockets.  The new “clay” worked much better than the other products…it smoothed with a wet paint brush, so there were fewer bumps to file down.  Yayyy!  The sanding is the tedious part.  And doesn’t it just seem crazy to file and sand away the stuff you spent so much time adding in the first place?  Before I too loudly extol the virtues of the new sculpting material and the files, I’m going to give it some time.  I don’t want some budding doll re-sculptor to go off and spend money on things that I have yet to endorse with the OSS stamp of approval.  LOL  I must say that, to this point, I’m pleased with the new product.  However, as I am fond of saying, time will tell.  And frankly, I am not having much luck with time of late.

If when you see a doll, whether it be by OSS or another artist, on Ebay or somewhere with an opening bid that seems high to you…check to see if the doll’s face has been re-sculpted.  Taking away the vinyl is easier than adding to it, but still…it takes a LOT of time to sand with varying grains of sandpaper until the vinyl is smooth again.  But the time involved in adding to the existing vinyl…oh…my…word!  Let me just say here and now, I won’t be doing this very often.  And when I do re-sculpt by adding to the existing doll vinyl, I’ll be asking for adequate compensation.  So far, with this 1/4 scale of Miss Aoki, I’ve spent several days on sculpting, sanding, swearing, sculpting more, sanding more, etc.  I’m such a perfectionist that I will continue with this until I deem it ready to sell or a total failure.  I won’t settle for somewhere in the middle.  That’s just not me.  And as Linda Ellerbee was so fond of saying, “And so it goes…”.