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I don’t even know where the past week has gone.  Seriously.  This human’s brain left the building last weekend upon the arrival of the updated “new and improved” computerized brain.  My dh had the bright idea that I needed a new computer since mine was just over 5 years old, operated with Windows XP, was getting a tad low on memory, and the hard drive had not yet crashed.  I had been resisting the idea for well over a month.  The man was getting more and more insistent.  The woman was getting more and more exasperated with said man.  Over the past 22 years, I’ve learned to pick my battles.  So, I acquiesced.  Big mistake.  HUGE.

I won’t go into the gory details too much.  Suffice it to say that my voice uttering the words of “I told you so!” has been heard more times in the past week than in the years since the previous computer upgrade.  Five years afforded me time to tweak and sweet talk my former computer/companion into a state of almost perfect synchronicity.  I had things where I wanted them.  I had fonts set, signatures created, software that did exactly what I wanted it to do, files organized,  icons at my fingertips…   You get the picture.  The “new and improved” monster now ensconced upon my desk is sleek and quiet and fast.  It is also contrary, maddening, resistant, petulant, arrogant, and dangerously close to being returned to the store!  We still have a few days during which we can take it back to the geeks who sold it to the man mentioned above.  I threaten to do just that several times throughout the day.  The man previously mentioned doesn’t venture into the room very often.  He knows when he’s on “the list”.

While I have been grappling with this new beast, I have been attempting a delicate surgical procedure on a Tonner Antoinette mannequin.  I’m afraid that most if not all of my frustration over the uncooperative but beautiful new computer was poured into the surgery.  Not a good idea.  Poor Antoinette/Devon Aoki!  Not only was she the recipient of all the bad karma, but she was also in desperate need of the right tools, the right sculpting material, and a surgeon whose brain had not been fried on the hot-plate of advancing technology.  Add to this sad situation the fact that the daughter of the surgeon was on Spring Break from college and dog sitting for two neurotic dogs.  Add also the fact that the surgeon, in a moment of complete and utter insanity, chose to get her hair cut!  The surgeon’s hair has not been touched by a pair of scissors in just under two years.  Why?  The last time it was cut, it was cut by my long-time stylist who was retiring.  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!  She cut off approximately a foot of my hair which we donated to Locks of Love.  And then, I went home and cried.  Losing a trusted stylist is traumatic.  This is why my hair was once again very long and in need of a cut.  Foolishly, I chose to have it cut in the midst of my computer woes.  What could possibly go wrong if I went to an established salon?  I mean…I had photos of my last cut/style AND photos I’d printed from internet searches of similar styles.  How could I NOT come out looking like a glam, half Asian, plump and fluffy Victoria Beckham?  What is my IQ again????  Oh, my word.  I hate my hair. 😦  Silver lining:  Locks of Love gets another ponytail.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Were neurotic dogs and a bad haircut enough to round out my week?  Not on your life, baby!  This woman does nothing by half measures.  Add into the bubbling cauldron a set-to with the grandmother to my children, another death of a family friend (the 3rd in the past month), and two trips out of town that ate up two full days of potential doll time.  Yeah, it’s been a lovely seven days.  However, I believe that the low points are there to help us better appreciate the high points.  And frankly, when I compare my woes to those of little Cameron and his family in KC as they battle the JMML demon, my week was a walk in the park.

Please keep Cameron in your thoughts and prayers.  Our little man has lost most of his hair…that long, glorious, beloved hair…and he is fighting a bacterial infection of pneumonia.  When you have no white blood cells, the fight is excruciatingly difficult and frightening for those who can do little more than watch.  Jen, Cam’s mom, is emotionally fatigued and straining to not lose her composure.  Watching helplessly while your child suffers is pure agony.  Please, stop what you are doing right this second and say a prayer for Cameron.  Thank you.  And may you have a blessed day.

OSS out.