For the entire month of December so far, we have been packing.  We were scheduled to list our house this afternoon.  Realtor just called.  She’s ill, and we have had to reschedule the contract signing until Tuesday.  Needless to say, Dawn is not a happy camper.

Christmas was a blur because of all the de-cluttering, packing, and cleaning going on.  And for the past 2 weeks, little to no doll work has been done.  I was hoping to get back to business on Monday, but with a photographer coming and the realtor scheduled for Tuesday life will require me to push back my work.  When I work, messes are made.  That’s just how it is.  I cannot sew or paint or sculpt without creating chaos.  And so, I must sit on my hands until Tuesday evening.  Maybe I’ll read a book.  It’s snowing today, so it might be a good idea to stay indoors.  I’m not very good at sitting still.  I love to read, but it usually makes me drowsy.  LOL  I wonder if I can talk my hubby into taking down the Christmas tree and decorations?