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…the behinder I get!  LOL

It’s been a crazy couple of days here lately, and I’m falling behind on just about everything.  I have promised myself that I will not allow the blog to die an untimely death, so here’s an entry such as it is.  Might not be my best post to date, but hey…it’s a post.  🙂

I am running about a week behind on commission work.  I really, really hate it when that happens.  I pride myself on staying on top of my commissions so that fabulous clients don’t think their doll projects have been forgotten.  And when I do fall behind, I try to communicate about it.  I haven’t been able to do that either!  So, I am going to have to apologize.  If you’re waiting on me or expecting to hear from me, please hang in there and keep the faith!  I haven’t forgotten you!

I lost half a day yesterday because we went out of town and didn’t get back until bedtime.  The first half of today was spent at a memorial celebration for the woman who gave me my first job.  It was really my second job, but I try to forget the two months of agony I spent as a prep cook for Popeye’s Chicken.  :::shudder:::  Shirley hired me to drive a rickety ol’ van to deliver flowers for her flower shop.  I was 16, and the valley was a tad less populated than it is now.  It was a part-time job, and the starting hourly pay was below minimum wage.  I reported to work after school an worked til the flowers were all delivered.  I was also in charge of tidying the show room and watering the plants.  I also had the job of cleaning the cooler.  Shirley eventually taught me to design floral arrangements, and I took to that like a duck takes to water.  I was in heaven!  I worked for her almost up until I got married.  She was a big part of my life.  It was difficult to say good-bye.  My eyes are still swollen.  But, she is always with me and has been throughout the years.  Whenever I arrange flowers or trim thorns off a rose stem, I think of Shirley.  What a wonderful way to remember a friend.  🙂

And so now, I’m blogging, but after I post this entry, I’m getting back to work!  I have a man doll to paint.  All I managed to do on him yesterday was to paint the whites of his eyes.  So…it is with those ghoulish, white, empty eyes that he stares at me.  I know what he’s thinking, and it’s not good.  LOL

Stay tuned!  Hopefully, I’ll have something to post tomorrow about my work space.  Have a blessed day/night!