My dear departed Daddy always preached temperance…moderation in all things.  Of course, when I was younger and under his roof, in my mind temperance meant  “no fun allowed”.  Times change.  As we age, our parents grow wiser.  Funny how that works.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about temperance especially in light of tragic recent events in Haiti.  While my heart aches for the impoverished people, my blood boils at the thought of all the supplies sitting on the tarmac rather than in the hands of the needy and the state-of-the-art hospital ships sitting virtually empty off shore while the streets are filled with the dead and dying.   While funds are indeed needed for Haitian relief, it would seem more critical that intelligence and a “Get ‘er done!” attitude report for duty.  Too often I’ve heard the refrain of “It’s not my  job” or “We must wait for proper clearance” or…   The excuses are endless.  Meanwhile, people are dying.  Tempers are flaring.  Desperation does that.  How long before someone steps up to the plate?  Just DO it.  The doctor who delivered my children recently traveled to Haiti to assist in the medical relief efforts.  She is just DOING it.  There are others who are doing it and attempting to do it.  The morass of red tape is astonishing.  Meanwhile people are dying.

Due to the fact that I have no skills that might be considered helpful in the face of such tragedy, I will stay home and donate funds and watch the news.  I will continue praying for Haiti.  I will continue praying for someone to take charge, to cut through the red tape, and just get on with the business of saving lives.  I wonder if Teddy Roosevelt would be waiting on proper channels?  Would Martin Luther King, Jr?  Somehow I seriously doubt it.  So, in this particular instance, I’m thinking that my Daddy’s way of thinking is incorrect.  In Haiti, the time for temperance and moderation is over.  Forget the rules.  Forget the regulations.  It’s time to just DO it!

I’m going off to have a good cry now.  😦