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Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.   –   William Congreve,   The Mourning Bride

Hi, ya’ll!  This entry WILL be a short one.  I’m rerooting and haven’t much time to spare.  Okay…so, the above quote is another of my favorites.  I usually work in a silent house.  I don’t like distractions and noise I cannot control.  But when I am feeling calm and have the house to myself, I like to play certain types of music while I work.  I love many different types of music, but 80’s rock isn’t exactly conducive to doll work…at least not my doll work.  🙂  I save the Def Leppard for other occasions.  When I’m working, I like to listen to Celtic music or Enya or Loreena McKennitt or anything along those lines.  A recent favorite is Imogen Heap who did a song for the Narnia soundtrack and whose songs are often used on one of my favorite television shows, So You Think You Can Dance.  Another CD I’ve been playing a lot lately is the soundtrack from the mini series The Mists of Avalon that starred Julianna Margulies, formerly of ER and now in The Good Wife.  Another tidbit about me…although not doll related…is that I love anything Arthurian.  I’ve been a huge fan since I was a pre-teen.  The novel I began writing over 25 years ago and have yet to finish is based on an Arthurian theme.  Maybe one day, it will be finished.  I’ll not hold my breath though.  Nor should you.  Ha!

Okay…well, that’s it for today!  See…I can be brief when the rooting needle is calling!