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No word from me in 42 weeks and then 2 entries in one day!  Wow.  Am I on a roll, or what?

I’ve been told many times since I’ve been repainting dolls that, after the dolls have been OSSified, they no longer looks like dolls but real people.  And I’ve also been told how the eyes seem to “speak”.  I’ve been fascinated with eyes for most of my life.  It always amazed me and also annoyed me that my eyes seem almost to disappear when I smile or laugh.  That’s an Asian trait, and since I’m half Japanese, there is no escaping it.  Both my children have this trait although it is  more noticeable in my son.  And there was a girl in my high school class whose eyes captivated me.  She had dark brown hair and the most vibrant green eyes I’d ever seen.  I’m sure she thought I was totally bonkers because I was always staring at her eyes when we were talking.  Or, maybe she just thought I really, really cared about what she was saying.  I hope for the latter.

Even when D.D.’s One Sixth Sense for the Diminutive Diva was little more than a dream, I knew that I wanted to have a catchy, memorable name and an instantly recognizable logo.  The D.D. part was for my first name and maiden name, and the diminutive diva part is pretty self explanatory.  I designed a logo, chose my favorite colors as a palette, and was off and running.  For about a year and a half, I remained dissatisfied and kept tweaking things.  Eventually I narrowed my focus, settled on the shortened version of OSS, the initials for One  Sixth Sense, obviously, and chose for my logo a cropped photo of a pair of doll eyes from an early repaint of a Monsieur Z Fierce doll that was part of “Sahara”, a doll/sculpture set that featured a sweet dromedary camel named Sir Lawrence.  I used the eyes and OSS on everything and utilized my favorite colors…purple and chartreuse…whenever possible.  I began to see results, and although a tiny bit of tweaking is still going on, OSS, purple and chartreuse, and a cropped pair of eyes will most likely be here to stay.  Some of you who are more observant might have noticed a phasing out of the original set of eyes.  I have gradually been changing things over to the eyes of a recent doll…ENVY, created for the Doll Divas board and their Monster Mash auction to raise money to give to Toys for Tots.

Here’s ENVY:

More on “The Eyes Have It” next time on….The OSSome Blog