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Imagine my shock when I signed onto Live Journal today and discovered that it had been 42 weeks since I had been here to update my blog.  42 weeks!  That’s only 10 weeks shy of a full year!  Hey…but I did warn ya’ll way back in the beginning that I was easily distracted.  Sometimes I’m so busy living life that I forget to write about it!

So…a quick update on our beloved Adah Jane:

In November, Adah celebrated her first birthday!  And she has now had two Christmases.  Can you believe it?  We are so very thankful for all the prayer, good thoughts, vibes, and support Adah received from the fabulous folks in the doll community.  I am truly honored to rub elbows with such amazing people.  We daily thank the Lord for you and for the Lord’s everpresent hand upon dear Adah.  We serve an awesome God!