Well…it’s been a LONG time since I made an entry.  My apologies!  This is why it took me over a year to choose to BEGIN a blog.  LOL  I tend to get distracted.  The artist in me usually has 6 projects going at any given time, and when one beckons more stridentlyl than another, I answer the call.  The OSSome Blog’s voice has been rather soft of late.

But here are some long overdue photos of our beloved Adah Jane!  She is doing remarkably well…gaining weight since January 1st at almost 1 ounce per day!  As of January 15, 2009, Adah weighed 2 lbs 12 oz.  Isn’t that fabulous?!  She no longer needs her tiny cpap mask and has only supplemental oxygen flowing.  The only tube remaining is for getting Leslie’s milk directly into her tummy.  Check out the pic with Eric’s wedding band as an anklet for Adah!  Can you believe that?  The last pic was taken on the 15th and shows Adah wearing a pink knit hat made by Bill’s uncle who is Adah’s great grandfather.  At Christmas, another such hat sat on the dining table to remind us of all of God’s gifts to us of late.  I picked up that hat and marveled at how tiny it was, and then Bill’s aunt told me that it was still too BIG for Adah’s head!  Wow!

Okay…here are the pics:

The Happy Family around Christmas 2008

Eric’s wedding band on Adah’s ankle!

Adah in her new hat from Great Grandpa!

What to expect from The OSSome Blog…entries wth occasional blogger absences.  LOL  I hope you will bear with me!  Oh, and Happy New Year!!