Bill’s Aunt & Uncle just called.  They are Adah’s great-grandparents, and they left yesterday for Denver to see their newest great-granddaughter and Leslie & Eric of course.  We are babysitting their dog, Olivia, nicknamed Olive, a black mini schnauzer who is about the size of a miniture poodle.  She’s starting to turn silvery gray as we tend to do as we get older.  We’ve watched her before, sometimes for extended periods. It’s always a bit of a struggle to invite another animal into our 5 cat and 1 chocolate lab home, but we manage.  What is especially funny is that this tiny dog has our huge male lab completely cowed!  It’s hilarious to watch them.

So, Bill’s aunt and uncle just called to tell us that they’ve been able to spend time with Adah Jane.  Leslie got to hold Adah for 3 hours yesterday!  Leslie is so much happier now that she can hold her daughter.  Adah Jane is apparently doing miraculously well!  Everyone is amazed.  Bill’s aunt told us that it was quite a shock seeing Adah Jane in person because even photographs do not truly reveal just how tiny she is.  Adah’s head is smaller than a tennis ball!!!  Oh, my!

Again we thank ALL of you who have been praying for and sending positive vibes to our littlest family member.  We truly believe that all of you have contributed to this miracle.  Please continue to keep Adah Jane in prayer and thought.  I’m sure that she is strengthened by you.  I know that Leslie and Eric are truly grateful.  I’m going to have an address for them soon, and I will pass it along to all who might want to send a card for Christmas to Leslie and Eric.  I’m sure they’d love to have tangible evidence of your love and support.

Thank you all!