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Oh, yes, indeed it does!

I have been talking about scale in recent posts, and those thoughts continue here.  Change channels if you are bored.  I will forgive you.  Eventually.

When searching for hours and hours and hours, well on into days and weeks and months, for items in proper 1:6 scale with which to create my miniatures in the OSS Etsy Store, it becomes abundantly clear that such items do not exist in most cases and in other cases, they exist in minute quantities and with extremely limited availability.  It will not come as a big surprise to most of you reading this that most miniature supplies come from Asia by way of Ebay and Etsy.  And most of said supplies are in the smaller 1:12 or dollhouse scale.  In some instances, those items can cross over to the larger 1:6 scale, but not always.  That’s where the “wiggle room” I spoke of earlier comes into play.  I often must purchase something and hope it will work.  Occasionally, it does.  More often, it does not.

Case in point:  I purchased a set of metal “pots and pans” in dollhouse scale in hopes that the measurements provided in the listing were accurate.  They were.  But, unfortunately, when placed with a doll in 1:6 scale, they just didn’t “look right”.  And, when the translation from 1:12 to 1:6 to human size was done, some of the pieces were just too small for what might pass as “normal” size for the average person.   However, very little goes to waste at OSS.  That comes from being raised by parents who were children during the Great Depression, children who were often hungry and learned to “make do”.  So, yes…I am one of those people who have a plastic bag of washed plastic bags stashed in my kitchen.  I am one of those people who make or attempt to make lemonade out of lemons and bits of string and old twist ties.  LOL  ANYway…

Size matters.  Oh, yes, indeed it does.  This is why I created a set of minis in 1:12 scale as well as a set in 1:6 scale.  I do not often work in the smaller dollhouse scale, but when the dishes demand it, I must comply.  Both Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Sets can be found, at this publishing, in the OSS Etsy Store.  Enjoy!

Meatloaf Dinners in 1:12 and 1:6 by OSS

Meatloaf Dinners in 1:12 and 1:6 by OSS