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So, I haven’t posted since the end of May.  I think.  LOL  And yes, I have all the common and frequently lame excuses.  School was out (never mind that we home-schooled for years or that our two kids are now in college), it was Summer, the house was (and is) still on the market, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah…  All excuses, lame or otherwise, aside, I haven’t been posting, and I probably won’t be posting much for awhile longer.  Main reason…I stepped onto a rabbit trail that rapidly widened into a super highway!

Three years ago, I opened an Etsy store.  I listed some wonderfully fun fleece hats that I had made for a craft fair.  I sold one.  One.  When the listings expired, I did not relist.  I think I donated the hats to a charity a year ago.  The OSS Etsy Store sat, idle and empty, for over two and a half years.

Recently, I decided to attempt to wean myself from my addiction to Spider Solitaire.  I began crocheting small doll accessories…hats, scarves, roomy totes, etc.  When I had a good number of items, I stocked the OSS Etsy Store and began informing those who might be interested.  My hard-working if not recalcitrant model is Always Polished DASHA with OSSified lips and nails.  I will repaint her eyes at some point, but for now, her suspicious side-glance somehow fits her personality.

Dasha for OSS models Steampunk Lace Set

Dasha for OSS models a Steampunk Hat & Shoulder Warmer

The OSS Etsy Store rabbit trail has blossomed into an 8 lane super-highway at speeds that can leave me breathless.  Sales have been brisk, and commissions have been rolling in.  I’m trying to talk my daughter into taking over the crochet duties, but she isn’t warming up to it.  So, suffice it to say, I’m not playing Spider Solitaire much anymore.

To add to my time vortex, I’m in the process of combining my website with my blog.  To this end, I have totally revamped The OSSome Blog to a format better suited to my site needs.  The complete revamping will take months, and I’m in no hurry as my website company does not refund anything should you cancel.  Renewal was in July, so you can see why I am not eager to jump ship.  But, I wanted to keep you informed since, if you visit me here, you will notice changes and shifts.  Some will be annoying works in progress, so they might appear one minute and then be gone the next as I sample and tweak.  Please bear with me.  Thank you!