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It’s been so long since I’ve been actively posting to my blog that the only way I can remember exactly when I posted is to look at the date of my previous entry.  Sad.  I’ve come to this point before.  I’ve been blogging (or attempting to blog) for at least three years and have been on a couple of different blog sites in the process.  I like this format here at WordPress the best, so that’s not the issue.  I’m at the computer every day without fail unless I’m out of town.  That’s an issue but not THIS issue.  lol  I have plenty of time to blog.  Lack of time isn’t the issue.  So, what, you might be asking, IS the issue?  Why isn’t she blogging on a regular basis?

The truth of the matter is that I have no idea.

Or…maybe that should be that I have no ideas, plural.  I follow several 1/6 scale, doll/figure related blogs, and some blogs that have little to do with dolls, and I find the ones I have chosen to faithfully read to be very informative and, in some cases, hysterically entertaining.  Perhaps my personal lack of blogging enthusiasm stems from wondering how anyone could find what I think or do informative or entertaining.  My husband says I am my own worst critic.  He’s right, of course.  He usually is.  (But don’t tell him I said that, please!)  Part of the problem is that I am a dabbler.  I’ve mentioned that before.  I enjoy doing many things.  It’s difficult for me to stay focused on any one thing for too long.  By “too long” I’m not meaning minutes or days, but weeks.  I do repainting for a few weeks, and then I want to re-root a doll’s hair.  About half-way through the re-root, I’m already wishing I’d be finished so I can begin crocheting a new afghan pattern I saw in a magazine.  You get the picture.  I have a friend whose dream bumper sticker would say, “I brake for sparkly things!”  My bumper sticker would run the length of the bumper and around the entire car.  I’m just that bad about staying “in the zone” on any one type of project.  There are too many distractions outside the zone.

I am going to attempt to get back into the blogging zone.  But, I’m not making any promises.  I doubt I have anyone out there waiting with bated breath for my blog entries, but if you are, you might want to grab a snack or something sparkly.