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It’s been awhile since I blogged.  I’ve been swamped with house selling/buying errands and trying to finish up a few commissions I have on the books.  Before January is gone, I thought I’d share another of the resin head LOST characters I’ve been working on.  This is Jack Shephard, the 4th in the series so far.  I forgot to take a “before” shot…something I haven’t forgotten in a long time.  I guess it’s the chaos of moving.  My focus is off.  He began life as a white, sculpted blank.  All the color and details were added by OSS.   I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the open mouth sculpt on this head, and in my opinion, the nose was too long, but I can’t sculpt resin heads, so I won’t carry my complaints too far.  LOL  I hope you enjoy the OSSification!  Thanks for looking!


OSSified Jack Shephard from LOST

OSSified Jack Shephard from the television series LOST