My dear departed daddy held a Master’s Degree in History.  He taught this favorite subject in public high school until he retired.  He was a teacher you either loved or hated.  There was no middle ground.  His standards were high.  He held his students and his daughters to them.   I am not certain I appreciated him as I should have, but I know that much of what and who I am can be traced directly back to him.  He was a stalwart believer in the adage that if you do not remember and learn from the past, you are bound to repeat it.  What I find so incredibly sad is that today, our history is actually being re-written by those who disagree with actual events.  And so our children will learn not truth but lies.  It is each and every American’s responsibility and duty to do the research and seek out the truth.

Today, we remember the horrific events of a date that will live on in infamy.  9/11

I remember the events of that day with utter clarity.  I will not forget.  And I pray America never surrenders.  Not to tyranny.  Not to terror.  Not to those who would alter our history to suit their present day agendas.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

The quote is often attributed to Edmund Burke, an 18th century Irish political philosopher.  Whether or not Mr. Burke said it, it is a profound statement, one that bears repeating and internalizing.

Remember.  Speak out.  Stand.

Just DO it!