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I don’t often look backwards.  The past is the past.  There are, however, a few exceptions.

Memories of our children as babies and toddlers intrude occasionally when I watch them now as young adults.  Our son turns 20 soon, and our daughter is 18.  In the blink of an eye, it happened.  I remember clearly people telling us how fast the time goes when you have little children.  When you’re in the midst of changing diapers, kissing owies, and using “mommy spit” to clean dirty cheeks, time seems to be at a standstill.  You really cannot see beyond the end of your nose.  But looking BACK, yeah…the time flew.  I look at my kids now and wonder how they can be grown.  And frankly, I don’t like it one little bit.

I also look back as July 16th approaches.   DH and I were married on July 16th, and the memories of that time are delightful.  At the time, there were a few stressors over which I did NOT smile, but nowadays, I can laugh about those too.  It all worked out.  Life went on.  And it continues in that vein.

It’s been a wonderful 22 years, Bill, and I look forward to at least 22 more!  Happy Anniversary, sweetie!