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I haven’t posted in awhile.  I have a multitude of excuses.  They’re not ALL lame.  🙂

I’ve been keeping busy with doll work in spite of the lagging economy.  Bless my loyal clients!  Commissions aren’t as high profile as original OSS creations marketed on the various doll boards, on the OSS website, and on Ebay.  So, when I’m working on commissions and re-roots, I’m a bit scarce.   I usually give my mailing list a heads up that I’m going to disappear, but otherwise, I guess you have to consider me AWOL.

For those who follow this blog but who might not frequent my other haunts, here is a link to a fabulous and funny page that shows the various ways to behead a doll.   Doll Beheading Info I almost always use the heating pad method, but I like having options for my Frankendolly ministrations.


Dear little Cam is still fighting the good fight.  He is fully engrafted.  Woo hoooooooooooo!  However, now the enemy is GVHD (Graft Versus Host Disease).  He’s back in the hospital and the docs are trying to figure out the right medications to help Cam become strong enough to go home again.  He’s in quite a bit of pain…mostly in his gut and digestive system, and after months of fighting, he’s beginning to wear down.  He and his family could really use your prayers and positive thoughts.  His neighbors on the hospital ward are fighting too.  Some win.  Some don’t.  One of the little girls was released recently so she could go home to her sisters and loved ones for the few months the docs say she has left.  It just breaks your heart.  But, Team Cameron shall not surrender.  Never!  Cam will emerge victorious and go on to play major league baseball.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

And now, I leave you for the re-root needle.  The disembodied heads await!