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I’ve been working on a 3 head project for a client…3 heads but all to be painted to resemble Californication’s Hank Moody as played by actor David Duchovny.  As my blog followers know, I’m relatively new to resin head work.  The sculpts can range from those with amazing detail work that make even the unpainted heads look like the real person to those with um…some, shall we say, issues.  This project involved 2 fabulous head sculpts and 1 with those pesky “issues”.  The issue-less heads were painted first…one with less of a smile than the other.  In the comparison shot below, you can clearly see why my creations are OOAK (One Of A Kind).  Even when I paint the exact sculpt, there are differences.  When it comes to paint blending and the human hand holding the brush, it’s almost impossible to replicate a creation.  And that’s fine with me.  Once I’ve created something, I’m ready to move on.

Same Moody Head - Two Looks

Same Sculpt - Two Looks

Next, I tackled the head with issues.  The first thing I noticed was that the sculpt did not as closely resemble David Duchovny as did the other sculpt.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It is way better than what I could produce, but still…the differences were there, and they were noticeable.  The hair was parted down the center rather than on the side.  The nose was much straighter, the face longer, the jaw not as square, and the cleft in his chin not as deep.  Well, you get the picture.  🙂  But the main issue with the 3rd head was that the quality of the resin was, in my opinion, poor.  The  material used for the sculpt was filled with air bubbles which translated into a pocked surface.  Some of the bubbles went completely through the sculpt!  So, before I could even think of painting, I had to sand and fill, seal with a flexible sealer, and add multiple coats of Gesso.  It certainly was a process!  But, the finished product wasn’t half bad, again in my opinion.  🙂  Although I prefer the end results of the higher quality sculpt, I think the version below is acceptable.  I certainly do not have a problem attaching my name to the work.  I hope you agree.

Before, During, After of 3rd Duchovny Head

Before, During, After of 3rd Duchovny Head