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Cameron is my hero. Through all of this JMML battle, he has remained steadfast and smiling even when the act of smiling drains him. Even when he is at his lowest, he does not whine or carry on or feel sorry for himself. He is an amazing little boy. There is a spirit inside of him so resilient and bright that it touches everyone with whom Cameron has contact. Wow. What a legacy.

Cameron is David. JMML is Goliath. There is an army lining the valley where the battle rages. We cheer from the sidelines and refuse to see anything but victory. No matter how long it takes, Team Cameron will never surrender.

The BMT (bone marrow transplant) has failed just as the cord blood transplant failed. JMML is a powerful foe. Cameron will undergo a third transplant next Wednesday. The BMT donor has agreed to donate again. Wow. Another hero. Just 3 1/2 weeks after going under general anesthesia in order to have marrow harvested, he will undergo the procedure once again in an attempt to help save the life of a little boy he’s never met.

In a world where hatred and anger and violence and stupidity make the headlines now 24/7, there are people like Cameron and his donor and the doctors and the support team behind Cameron’s family. They do not seek the limelight and yet they deserve it so much more than those who have it. Please, please, PLEASE keep these amazing people in your thoughts and in your prayers. Every time you think of them, send them strength and positive energy. Use what you have to lift them up. If you feel led to do more, contact me. There are many ways you can help. Thank you!