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Bet you’re wondering what in the world that post title means, eh?  LOL  🙂 🙂

I am not a stick.  Never have been.  Most likely never will be.   Once when I was in my teens and twenties, I had dreams of being one.  As I grew into my skin, both figuratively and literally, I have surrendered that dream.  That is not to say that I am thrilled with the way I look, but I’m getting there.  And since I’m in my late forties, I’d say it’s about time!  Men like actor/comedian Tracy Morgan and actor/singer/comedian/amazing performer Jamie Foxx as well as the Tonight Show’s band leader Kevin Eubanks all are very vocal about preferring “thick” women to stick women.  I’m ALL over that.  I like being considered thick rather than some of those other descriptive and highly unflattering words.  It’s all a simple matter of perspective, isn’t it?  If the word “thick” allows me to love myself more, then I shall adopt it.   Now, if only our stick-obsessed culture would embrace it.

Recently, plus-size clothing retailer Lane Bryant created a television commercial featuring a lovely model (She’s probably only a size 12 which is considered plus-size in our culture.  How insane is THAT?!) dressed tastefully but yes, provocatively in beautiful lingerie.   After years of wincing and cringing when a Victoria’s Secret ad featuring winged and cavorting stick women popped onto the screen, this Lane Bryant ad actually held my attention and made me…wait for it…SMILE.  Finally, a more average sized woman who looks fabulous in skimpy under-things can be seen on television.  Oh, wait…never mind.  Apparently, the commercial did not meet the standards of ABC or FOX.  Both refused to air it without cuts and edits and…   What is the message here?  Don’t think it takes a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure it out.  It’s the same message preached from almost every magazine cover and television ad created and printed and aired.  Women of the world, you need to be a stick.  Starve yourself.  Hate yourself.  Oh, yeah…and smile and look sexy while you’re doing it.  Give me a break please.  Ugh!

I’m not a huge fan of lingerie ads on television anyway, but if the networks are going to air them, shouldn’t they at least have the decency to show women in a more realistic light?  I’m not sure there’s much realism in any amount in ANY television advertisement for lingerie, but I’m willing to suffer through the stick ads if I’m also allowed to view some tastefully made thick ones. And that’s my opine of the day.

  • NOTE from the Blog Mistress: There IS cleavage shown in the video below.

  • If you’re interested in seeing the Lane Bryant ad, and you’re not embarrassed or shocked by the sight of some tastefully displayed skin, here’s the video:

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