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I’m not sure if I ever truly saw this day.  Antoinette’s transformation into Devon Aoki has not been without issues.  Working at something in 1/4 scale without the proper tools and with large human fingers when miniature ones are needed is frustrating.  Okay, it’s infuriating.  I threw in the towel more than once.  But, my dogged determination kept me going.  And since my client seems thrilled with the outcome, I am more than pleased with myself for seeing this project across the finish line.  Added bonus:  I learned a whole lotta stuff about sculpting onto doll vinyl.  Don’t know if/when I might try it again, but something tells me that I won’t be able to keep my hands off the sculpting clay for too long.  🙂

Miss Aoki got a boil perm this morning and had her final photo shoot.  She will soon be on her way home.  I will breathe a huge sigh of relief when I hear that she is safely with her new owner.

Here are a couple shots of the OSSified Devon in 1/4 Scale:

Here’s the final comparison strip so you can see how the eye sockets were completely filled in:

Spice Antoinette Devon Aoki 1/4 Scale Devon