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Integrity’s Fashion Royalty Adele Makeda has always intrigued me, but I cannot say she has ever been a true favorite of mine. There are some repaint artists who have worked magic with Adele over the years, but personally, I have struggled with her sculpt, especially the early one. I love the darker skin tones on dolls and truly love that Integrity uses various shades of color rather than staying with a one size fits all type of approach. Due to my personal discomfiture with Adele, I don’t paint her often. So, I’m thrilled when a client challenges me with an Adele commission. Such was the case recently with a delightful client who wanted two of her Adele dolls repainted and restyled. Sound Advice Adele took down her ponytail and received some low-lights and high-lights. A wash, deep condition, and heat relaxation preceded her trim and full repaint. Paparazzi Bait Adele was given a full re-root in one of my favorite Katsilk saran colors “Tempest Red”! She definitely has the WOW factor now, and most definitely lives up to her name. I thank my client for the challenge, and I hope you, dear reader, enjoy the results. Long live Adele!

Sound Advice Adele

Repaint/Partial Reroot Sound Advice Adele

Paparazzi Bait Adele

Repaint/Reroot Paparazzi Bait Adele