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As a rule, I dislike television commercials.  The only thing worse than television commercials, in my opinion, are the commercials now showing at the movie theater prior to the previews.  Give me a break!  I go to the movie theater to escape reality.  Ugh!  But back to my original reason for this entry…I recently saw this commercial for Old Spice, and I was riveted.  It’s hilarious.  Beyond that, it makes me want to go out and purchase a case of Old Spice so my husband will wear it.  And isn’t that supposed to be the goal of television commercials?  And, quite frankly, it’s not just the humor that caught my attention.  Pitchman Isaiah Mustafa is superb both in his role and on the eyes.   Prior to this commercial, Old Spice held no appeal for me as far as something I might like to smell on or about my dh.  Old Spice was what my dad wore.  There was always a bottle of it on the edge of the sink in his bathroom.  But Mr. Mustafa and this well-written, highly intelligent television advertisement have changed my mind.  Hey…who wouldn’t want to live in a romance novel?