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Okay, yeah…I’m running out of ways to make clever titles for my blog entries on rooting doll hair.  Sorry!  🙂  I’ve been a bit scarce here and on the doll boards for the past several days due to a re-rooting jag.  Every now and then, I find myself facing re-roots on more than one doll, and the best way to deal with it is to go silent and get busy with the needle.  Not only do I suffer from dolly world withdrawals during those jags, but I also suffer from the physical pains caused by rooting doll hair in overdrive.  But, I am happy to say that I’ve finished this particular rooting frenzy and am now able to get back to painting doll faces.  Yayyy!

Here are the before/after pics of the 2 dolls I’m working on.  neither have been repainted.  I”m working on THAT part of the project today and tomorrow.  Enjoy!

OSS Reroot of PB Adele in Tempest Red

OSS Re-root of PB Adele in Tempest Red

Rerooted Action Female in Platinum White

OSS Re-root of Action Female in Platinum White