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It stinks almost as badly as that dumb dodo suit.  Ugh!  But, every now and then, I force myself to restrain from surrendering to some portion of my doll obsession.  This year, since the economy still doesn’t look all that swell, I have put myself on a doll fashion diet.  I hate it.  Usually by this time of year, I’ve already purchased a dozen or more ooak (one of a kind) fashions from some of the amazing seamstresses out there.  No lie.  I know this because dh and I are working on organizing paperwork for tax purposes.  It’s a good thing my spouse supports my obsession because when you’re staring at the figures in black and white, there’s no denying that it IS an obsession.  I need dolly rehab in a bad way.

One thing that has helped my fashion diet immensely is that my doll affinity of the moment has taken a definite turn.  I am loving the larger dolls of 1/4 scale, and the poor little divas of 1/6 scale will just have to make do with what they already have in their bulging closets.  The larger ladies and gents have a much smaller wardrobe.  I will have a lot of fun enlarging it, but I am taking my time with this endeavor and being very selective.  I did purchase some boxers and a pair of corduroy pants for the Tonner males a couple of weeks ago from one of my favorite doll seamstresses, Marita of Marita’s Doll Fashions.  Marita has always been there for me over the years.  She creates all the boxers for my male dolls in both scales, and she is always willing to help me out with custom orders.  She’s a real gem!  Marita sells off of her Picture Trail pages and also on Ebay.  Here’s the link to her Picture Trail albums:  http://www.picturetrail.com/maritasdollfashions  

So, that’s all I have for today.  I’m in the midst of a re-rooting jag and must get back to it!