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Yesterday, I FINALLY made it to the movie theater to see 3D Avatar!  WOW!  I am ready to go see it again.  It will definitely be a purchase on dvd once it’s released.  And I’m headed to the bookstores soon to seek out something with color movie stills or whatever I can get that will show the characters in detail.  I MUST create Avatar dolls!  I’ve already had a few requests for them, but until yesterday had not even seen the movie.  I was waiting for the crowds to thin.  🙂

I’m not sure how this project will progress.  I’m a stickler for detail, and already I find myself bemoaning the fact that the body shape on fashion dolls isn’t going to duplicate the body shape of the humanoid residents of Pandora.   …sigh…   Oh, well…I might have to resign myself to recreating the “feel” of the characters.  Or, I might have to do some re-sculpting.   hmmmmm….  That could be very interesting.  And ya’ll know how the more involved projects I take on can take months to see the light of day.  I tend to formulate things in my mind before ever actually picking up a doll.  And some projects seem to take months just to completely solidify in my mind.  For instance, I know that I will be doing a doll art set from LadyHawke.  I”ve know that for well over a year.  I’ve mentally chosen the doll several times, but I haven’t yet settled on just the right one.  Until that happens, there’s no point in hauling out the sculpting clay or fabrics or anything else.  The doll is the focal point…the jumping off point.  And so…the search for Isabeau continues.  And the search for Neytiri begins!