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Every now and then, an obsession comes along, and the artist known as…..well, ME goes completely overboard.   In the past year, a certain crochet artist came to my attention.  I can’t even remember where I first saw her crocheted fashion doll items, but my earliest purchases from Cozy Couture were on Ebay.  (Blogger’s Note:  I am loath to write this entry because I would rather have little or no competition for Jessica’s work.  LOL)  Since I also crochet, I am very familiar with how much work goes into it.  And when you work in 1/6 scale, the hook must be tiny, the thread thin, and the stitches tidy and small.  In playscale, there’s no room for error.  It’s extremely difficult to make stitches small enough to look realistic.  Jessica’s work is impeccable!  And there is no limit to her ability to create her own patterns from an idea that’s thrown her way.  She is so creative.  And she’s FAST.  I have long ago lost count of how many of her items I own.  Even if I did know the precise number, I doubt I’d share it here.  My dh might see it and take drastic action.  😀 😀

Here’s the link to the Cozy Couture Site:    http://cozycouture.110mb.com/

Here are a couple examples of Jessica’s work:

Bonnet by Cozy Couture

"Tis the Season" Bonnet by Jessica

OOAK Gene by OSS

"Spirit" Top by Jessica