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I have another admission to make. Are you ready? I am a purse junkie. When I was in college, the obsession of choice was shoes. But, once I had children and the big feet got wider and longer, shoes became frustrating and expensive. My focus turned to the “other” accessory…the purse. Oh, yeah…it’s a good thing I don’t live in a big city. Knock-off purse vendors and I would be on a first name basis! Do let me say that I’m not so much into the designer purses and the up-to-the-minute trends. I am attracted by color, price, pockets, and the most important criteria…will it hold everything?    Good friends also know that a sip or two of “Sarah Juice” can enable purse purchases from the most unlikely of places.  I came away from the 2008 Barbie Convention with two purple purses.  Not one, but two.  Ya’ll know I adore the color purple.  But TWO purple purses??  What was I thinking?  Oh, yeah…I had been plied with lack of sleep and a tall glass of Sarah Juice.

My purse obsession has migrated to 1/6 scale.  I have, in the past, purchased a doll fashion simply because the included purse rocked the Casbah!  Key words: ” in the past”.  I no longer react with such impetuosity.  Well…almost never.  🙂  Occasionally, however, a purse does come along that screams out to me.  The most recent purse to do this was created by the wonderful doll fashion designer, Nise.  When I clicked over and saw the fashion, the lovely model might as well have been naked.  All I saw was the purse.  Here’s the culprit:

Nise Designs
New Fashion by Nise’s Designs

It’s so beautiful!  And so roomy!  It would definitely hold everything.  In human size, if it was in my price range, this purse would be coming to live with me.  As it is, the diminutive divas on my desk are staring at me with those accusatory eyes and wondering why I haven’t arranged for several such purses to arrive here.  My refrain of “Hey…you have enough purses!” rings slightly hollow since my own purse collection is rather um…shall we say sizeable.   But what the plastic princesses seem to forget…”I” hold the purse strings.  Pun intended.  Okay…so here’s my advice for today…someone, ANYone, please go purchase this fashion from Nise’s Designs so that my girls will stop drooling all over my keyboard!