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Hi.  My name is Dawn.  And I hate glitter.

There.  I’ve said it.  I’m no longer a closeted detester of glitter!  How many fellow glitter-detesters are out there?  Come on…don’t be afraid to admit your disdain.  If enough of us proclaim the truth, perhaps Mattel will cancel their 20 ton order with whatever glitter mine is controlling them!  I don’t know what Mattel’s obsession is with glitter, but it goes back a long way.  Glitter and glitz are not bad as long as the stuff stays ON the intended surface, a fact that Mattel has seemingly forgotten.  Case in point…I just finished deboxing the All That Glitters Sublime Diva in order to give her a new Fashionista body so that the diva can actually pose in diva-ish poses.  Diva’s skirt still glitters.  However, let it be known that my entire desktop area now glitters, as does my face, lap, chest, both arms, and the carpet within a 2 yard radius of my chair!  I’m pretty certain that everything I touch for the next weekor so will be sparkly, thanks to the Sublime Diva.  Just call me Goldfinger!

Glitter on doll fashions doesn’t annoy me solely for its nuisance value.  It can be downright destructive.  The colored glitter used on the Birthstone Beauty series of Steffie-faced dolls (I LOVE the Steffie face!) was/is horrid stuff!  That glitter actually stains the vinyl.  I’ve had a few dolls banished to the Blemish Banishment Department of the OSS Spa simply because their dress glitter migrated to their legs and left their vinyl skin with a bad case of rainbow colored measles.  Now, I realize that adult collectors and doll artists are picky about doll skin.  It must be blemish free unless intentionally flawed by design.  But really…do we honestly believe that little children approve of red or green or blue speckles on their doll’s legs and arms?  I think not.

And so that is my bloggified rant for today.  Anyone need any gold glitter?