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My plan was to do another installment of “The Eyes Have It”, but it’s just not going to happen.  The day started out badly…was still nursing my first cuppa coffee when I began wondering where the Tonner Twilight Edward Cullen doll was that I had ordered before Christmas.  Amazon.com had had some great deals on toys, and I had been able to snag both the Mattel Twilight Edward and the Tonner version.  I clearly remember getting the Mattel version, but I was positive I hadn’t gotten the Tonner doll.   So, to my emails I went, and sure enough…Amazon had emailed to tell me that the doll had shipped before Christmas.  Following the tracking number, I saw that it said the doll had been delivered (left on the front step) on Christmas Eve.  By now, my undies had bunched a bit because I was thinking I was going to have to write to Amazon to inform them that the Tonner Edward had most certainly not been delivered, and if it had been left on the step, then by golly, someone had stolen it!!  You must understand something about me….I freak out and THEN ask questions.  I’m not proud of that particular trait, but I’ve had to acknowledge it.  I”m just very thankful that my husband is the exact opposite.  Almost nothing gets him riled up.  So…before I freaked out entirely and ripped off a letter to Amazon, I decided to check the OSS Inventory Room aka the room where tornadoes strike almost daily.  If Big Ed was supposedly delivered on Christmas Eve, he might have gotten inside the house in the middle of the preparations for our Christmas Eve game night with my family.  To my relief, Big Ed was indeed in the tornado room!  I have NO memory of how he got there, but, regardless, a crisis had been averted.  Yayyyy!

Now on to Crisis #2 which really isn’t a crisis, but for blogging purposes, it sounds so much more interesting than “Hey, I think I’m getting older and can’t remember where I put things!”   A rose by any other name….   ANYway, since the new year is upon us, I wanted to hang the fabulous 2010 Gene calendar featuring OOAK Gene repaints by France Brier.  I had ordered it more than a month ago, and I had received it shortly after ordering.  Yes, I clearly remember receiving THAT item.  And I had apparently stashed it away for safe keeping since it was still 2009.  So…where exactly IS that safe place?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Yeah…time for Dawn to freak out again, and I still had half a cup of coffee in my cup!

And here’s where I tie in my title for today’s entry.  Took me long enough, huh?  I like to create suspense.  It often makes silly, insignificant occurrences so much more interesting, don’t you agree?  LOL  For over a week, dear hubby has had a horrid cold, and his colds almost always result in a nagging, hacking, dry sounding, irritating cough…not irritating to him but to me.  I am a person who has an aversion to noise pollution by which I mean any prolonged and uninvited noise/sound.  So…I could probably never live near construction sites or subways or airports.  Oh, yeah…we do live in a flight path, but only when they are practicing for an air show do I lose my cool.  An occasional fly by doesn’t upset me.  When our kids were little, just the hours and hours of their chatter and activity would have my teeth on edge by the time dh returned home from work.  He could never understand why I wanted to run screaming from the house the minute he walked in!  And truthfully, it wasn’t that the kids were naughty or loud or anything like that.  They were just kids, and the sounds were normal.  But, it was the ever present call on my attention that grated.  The constant assault on my senses wore me down.  All of this, of course, is to further explain my aversion to the sound of persistent coughing or noises beyond my ability to regulate.  For a woman and artist who loves a silent house while I work on dolls, a week’s worth of coughing has given me a severe case of discombobulation!  So, the Big Ed incident and the calendar incident set the tone for the day.  Hence, I have done littleto resemble actual doll work though I have 3 disembodied heads beside my keyboard, heads whose wide, accusatory stares are almost too much to bear.  So, I suppose I should now stop blogging and crank up the heating pad.  Last time I checked, this house did not come with a re-rooting fairy!