If you’re in America, you’re most likely gearing up for gathering around a table heavily laden with all the fabulous foods we enjoy on this Thanksgiving holiday.  While you’re at that table, please remember why you’re able to be there.  The stalwart souls who sailed to our shores long ago did so in search of freedom.  And while we have documents guaranteeing that very thing, we must never allow anything or anyone to work towards denying it.  This holiday season, perhaps a great thing to do is to actually read our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  Discover the truth within those documents.  It is often twisted and unrecognizable when we hear about it on television or in our newspapers.  Read the truth about our freedom for yourselves.  And then, pursue it.

Bill and I are taking our teens out of town for a very nontraditional Thanksgiving, but we will also be taking along with us several articles and thought provoking book excerpts so that, while we have our children’s attention, we might focus their hearts and minds on what is truly important.

Should you be traveling, I pray for you a safe journey there and home again.  As always, thank you for your devotion, business, friendship, and love.  Each one of you is truly appreciated.  I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  And please say a prayer for baby Adah Jane too!

Love, Dawn